Oh, Splat! 

Paint Throwing and Splatter Art Parties


Foundry is the place for FUN creative art, combine both of those and you’ve got paint throwing. We’ve had so much fun with this the last year, we’ve expanded our paint throwing from a two person maximum to 10 paint throwing stations – great for parties of all ages!

Open every Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday, reserve your spot ahead! 

Oh, Splat!


Have a blast throwing paint and getting messy with your bestie! Price includes one canvas, paint, poncho, plastic booties, and gloves.

This super fun, stress-relieving, creative activity is a great experience for a date night or afternoon out with your kid.

Offered every Thursday – Sunday.

Also available for private parties!

 **Paintings take 24hrs to dry! If you don’t want to wait to take your art home, please be prepared to transport a very wet painting**

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