Pottery at YOUR School!

Art curriculum cuts at your school? Foundry can help. 

pricing matrix for pottery classes at schools. $30 per student for 12-23 students. $27 per student for 24-48 students. $22 per person for 49+ students

In today's technology-driven world, fostering creativity and hands-on learning is more important than ever. By working with clay, students explore their artistic potential, improve problem-solving abilities, and gain a sense of accomplishment through creating functional and beautiful pieces. This engaging art form fosters not only artistic expression but also builds valuable life skills such as focus, fine motor control, and resilience, making pottery classes a valuable addition to any curriculum.

Art Classes = 5x Lower Dropout Rate

Students with high arts participation and low socioeconomic status have a 4% dropout rate – FIVE times lower than their socio economic status peers. ¹

Choose a project that fits with your current curriculum to enrich the learning process!

We can come to you OR you can take a field trip to us! Save money by skippng the school-bus-field-trip cost! 

Kilns, clay, glazes, wheels, rollers and skilled instructors are too expensive for most schools. Hiring Foundry is the most cost effective way to provide a pottery class to your students! 



Ancient Civilizations

As students are learning about Ancient Rome, Greece or Native American trives they can get a hands on feel for how those cultures used clay in their everyday lives and societies. 



Students can apply concepts learned about surface area and volume to a physical creation of their making. 


Language Arts

Many cultures have used pottery to depict stories or myths. Students can research myths and create pottery pieces to illustrate them. 

several clay vases and jugs from the ruins of pompeii
woman carrying a large clay pot on her shoulder
two large clay vessels in front of a terracotta wall of dream catchers