Rock N Roll Academy

Students learn the art of musicianship through playing iconic songs with a band of their peers. Students refine their skills through weekly private and group lessons using parts tailored specifically for their skill level. The Rock Academy commences with a live band performance in Foundry’s very own Listening Room. 


Spring session runs March 21st – May 21st with performances end of May. Sign up goes through March 20th.  


How does this work?

10-15 kids are placed in a band with a teacher. The teacher provides set list for final performance, usually about 8-10 songs.

Each week kids audition for their desired part in that week’s song. After earning their part students will get one private lesson, assignments/practice instructions and a group lesson each week.

Everyone will get parts, we spread the love amongst everyone as evenly as possible.

Who is Rock Academy for?

Our first session running March 21-May 21 is for teenagers and young adults. Roughly ages 13-24.

Students do not need to be experts by any means but they should know basic chords and how to transition between those chords.

Other than that, we can work with a wide range of skill levels and pieces can be tailored to your skill level. Our goal is to get kids experience performing and playing as a band!


Cost is $275 a month per student. Student is guaranteed one indiviudal music lesson and one group lesson each week with parts tailored to their specific skill set.

Extremely great value with lessons breaking down to $34 each!

Pay for the entire class upfront and only pay $500 total, a $50 discount.


Limited spots available, first come first serve. 

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